Strings are as important for your badminton racket, as tires are for a racing car.

Just as the tires set up the contact between the driver and the racetrack, the strings establish the contact between racket and shuttlecock. They transmit the power and give the player the feeling for the ball.

When the strings wear out, the precision and the touch of your racket get lost – just as a racing car´s wheels start spinning when its tires are worn out.

Get your racket a pit stop with the stringster app from time to time – just to make sure you keep using it effectively.

What you can use the app for:

  • check your stringer´s performance
  • monitor the loss of tension and elasticity
    over the course of time
  • identify the appropriate point of time to restring your racket

Your benefits from fresh strings:

  • more repulsion power for longer clears and harder smashes
  • better feel for the ball and more controlled strokes
  • better shock-damping performance to keep your arm- and shoulder joints healthy

STRINGSTER-TIP: Experience different tensions levels and string models! This way you will find out how you can optimally adapt your racket to your needs.

“It’s perfect stringing that makes your racket work!”
Vincent Wong Wing Ki, Hong Kong

Download now: the stringster app to measure the tension level and the elasticity of your strings!

Manage up to 3 rackets for free – no matter how many times you restring them.