Take a closer look at your racquet´s handle!

Like the strings, the handle of the racquet is an often underestimated – and therefore neglected – part of the badminton racquet. If you play more frequently you will recognize that the grip has a significant impact on the feel of your racquet.

Are you sure you selected the right grip size?

If in doubt, or if you feel like you fall in between two grip sizes, we recommend to choose the smaller grip size because you can easily build up a grip if necessary. Also a smaller grip leaves room for the use of an overgrip.

In general, smaller grips allow more freedom of movement and quicker change of grip (forehand / backhand), and they facilitate effective wrist use – especially for technically demanding strokes.

On the other hand, a larger grip requires less muscle strength to prevent the racquet from twisting in your hand – especially if you hit the ball off-center. That´s why prolonged use of a grip that's too small can contribute to „tennis elbow“ problems.

Maintain a firm and consistent grasp with an overgrip.

For players of all skill levels, it makes sense to use an overgrip, also known as a griptape. An overgrip increases traction, absorbs sweat and can dramatically increase the life of your base grip.

You can also use an overgrip to make minor adjustments to the size of your racquet’s handle. Via the degree of overlap when wrapping you can control the thickness of the handle precisely.

One possibility to make the handle thinner is to use a very thin "cushion wrap" tape under an overgrip instead of a base grip.

Grip tape materials.

There are basically two materials for badminton grip tapes: synthetic grip tapes and terrycloth grip tapes.

Synthetic grips are the most popular and are used by most of the players. They are stiffer and stickier – and therefore offer the hand additional grip. Some are made of a softer material and provide extra comfort when hitting.

Terrycloth grips, on the other hand, feel quite slippery with dry hands, but as soon as the hand starts to sweat, the advantage of this type of grip comes into play. Terrycloth grip tape is usually combined with an adhesive spray or magnesium powder (grip powder). However, this is only used if the grip becomes too damp.

Durability and hygiene.

Whichever material you prefer, when you find that your grip is losing its tackiness, don't hesitate to replace it! And there is another good reason to replace your grip at least once a month if you play regularly: When you play, dirt, grease, cream, perfume, sweat, dead skin cells of the hand and bacteria build up in the grip tape.