A modern stringing machine is the basis. Training and experience make the difference.

Stringing a badminton racket is a complex craft that provides a lot of room for mistakes. Not everyone who owns a stringing machine is able to string in such a way that your racket gives you the best possible feedback and keeps the tension as long as possible.

  • Which string pattern does the manufacturer recommend for the respective frame?
  • Which stringing method should be used?
  • Do you want to string with pre-stretch? And does that even make sense with the chosen string?
  • Do you want hybrid stringing? For more spin? For a longer shelf life? Or for more comfort?
  • Does it make sense with the selected strings to pull the main and cross strings with different tension?
  • ...

With this selection of videos we want to contribute to the goal that more and more private owners of a stringing machine are well trained. In any case, we recommend professional training to all stringing machine owners – e.g. from USRSA / ERSA / ...